Monday, June 23, 2008

Man Bored with Life Auctions off HIs Life

Ian Usher poses on a beach at Lancelin, about 130 km (81 miles) ...

From Sunday, June 22 for one week, Usher's life is up for sale on eBay with the package including his $420,000 (US$397,000) three-bedroom house in Perth, Western Australia, a trial for his job at a rug store, his car, motorbike, clothes and even friends.

Usher, 44, told Reuters he had been inundated with emails from all over the world since he put his life up for grabs in March, largely from people supporting him but also from those who were asking for advice on how to change their own lives.

I don't know how one auctions off their life. I assume you may also inherit their share of woes as well. My life is not peaches and cream but to action it off would be a tragedy in itself.


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