Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who is MrsDewey?

I think I found the ultimate search engine. This is a 3 dimensional search engine. Well she is the newest form of search, a spin off of the Dewey Decimal System. She even has a page on wikipedia and her own superstore. You can ask MsDewey any question an she gives you in the most unique way. check it out for your self, just ask MsDewey any question you can think, the answers are always humorous.

Some Parent are Just not thinking

These photos don't just represent bad parenting but shows a lot of irresponsible behavior.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Honey, I Am Going Fishing

I wonder what he caught?

Deputy Uses Taser on Bicyclist

A Glenn County sheriff's deputy shot a man with a Taser gun for allegedly riding his bike at night without proper lighting. I guess that is one way to stop him.

If cops went around tazing people with no lights on their bikes, it would be a lot of shocked people. (no pun intended).


Man dismembered Girlfriend and wins case

A man who admitted dismembering his girlfriend and cooking her head in a pot had his murder conviction overturned Monday by the New Jersey Supreme Court. I love our Justice System.

George Jenewicz won his appeal for the gruesome 1998 murder of Eunice Gillens, the state's highest court ruled in a 5-2 decision.
Prosecutors at the trial described Jenewicz as a remorseless killer who shot the 42-year-old woman in the heart at point-blank range

Source: CBS

Thumbs Replaced with The Toes

Well, does that mean I can get athlete hands.

Chicken Who Knew How To Coss The Road

To head off that old question: The chickens had no intention of crossing the road. Instead, they came crashing off a trailer, in crates, leaving feathers and carcasses on a mile-long stretch of Interstate 5. Oregon State Police said about 20 crates bound for Southern California fell near an exit at Eugene.

"I've never seen anything like this before," Oregon State Police trooper Blain Hlebechuk told the Eugene Register-Guard. "I've never gotten a call about chickens in the roadway."

Their were at least 20 crates on the freeway, some opened with chickens galore. I know Colonel Sanders is rolling around in his grave

Read more here CBS

Man Toughens Toddler with Stun Gun

This is past weird or strange, this is sick

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Trees Have It

How awesome is this picture. Showing roots growing from a tree, to form another trees. Just strange.

Source: Trees

Boy Skates Under Cars

How would you like to skate under a car and have your head 8 inc hes from the ground. Well Six-year-old Aniket Chindak holds the unofficial world record for 'limbo-skating' and speeds along no more than eight-inches above the ground.
He has got to be the most limber person out there.

Marijuana Vending Machine

We have people locked up in prison for having "one" seed in their possession and now we have marijuana vending machines. I love this country. I think they need to have potato chips mixed in with the machine. I mean for those who get the munchies and I think Pepsi should sponsor it.

Below is a I-Pod Vending Machine in Amsterdam

See, I could use a good Goat Vending Machine about now

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ultimate Political Bumper Sticker

Strange Advertising


New Ring Pistol



Source: Ring Pistol

Toad Purse-Yes the Toad is Dead

I grew up with my mom having the Fox (real small fox) coat and the Alligator Purse. However, I think I would draw the line at a Toad Purse. I mean this whole website is weird, Their Toad line of Purses are suppose to be the latest "IT" thing out there.

Toad Skin Purse
Available at

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mickey Wants a Raise

Mickey is tired of working for peanuts he is MAD and he and his militia are not going to take it anymore


Weird Weddng Pictures

Wedding Photos should be Special ( I think??) but I guess this is one way to have them memorable.




Forced Rectal Exam

According to AP News, Brian Persaud, 38, says in court papers that after he denied a request by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital emergency room employees to examine his rectum, he was "assaulted, battered and falsely imprisoned."

Seems Brian didn't want to consent to someone looking up his bum hole when he went in to treat a head injury. His lawyer, Gerrard M. Marrone, said he and Persaud later learned the exam was one way of determining whether he had suffered spinal damage in the accident.

Only in New York Folks....Only in New York.

Weird Toilets

I prefer my simple personal crapper. You can find some more strange ones over at Porcelain Poetry.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Man Cooks Hand in Microwave

It seems that this man thought his hand was possessed by the devil or something, so he cut it off and microwaved it. The man, in his mid-20s, was calm when Kootenai County sheriff's deputies arrived Saturday in this northern Idaho town. He was in protective custody in the mental health unit of Kootenai Medical Center.

For more of the story see


Guitar Rocking Party

Okay, thee is nothing strange about the guitar kid, but why is the man stripping in the background. What type of mess is

Sperm Whale Explodes on Street

Wow, what a mess a 50 foot sperm whale's belly burst open due to decomposition. He was being transported to the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan in Southern Taiwan.

Source: whale explodes

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dog Saves Boy from a Fire-Bites Boys Foot

This is a good time for Lassie to get Timmy out the well. Well, it wasn't Timmy but instead a boy named Christopher Pebbles. He woke up this past Friday to feel his dog Laney biting his foot repeatedly. He had a sleepover the night before with his friends. Laney lead them downstairs where they found the roof was on fire.

Source: Foxnews

Woman Takes Out Ad to Sell Breast Milk

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - A woman who doesn't want her breast milk to go to waste has taken out a newspaper ad in hopes of selling it. Martha Heller, 22, of Tiffin, took out the ad in The Gazette, offering 100 ounces of her breast milk for $200 or the best offer.

Okay, who in their right mind will buy a woman's breast milk. I mean what is she gonna can it an sell it on Ebay? Wow the world gets stranger. I gotta remember to stay away from Cedar Rapids

Source:The Morning Call

An Office Prank

Okay who has time to do this. There should be some policy against Saran Wrap Abuse

Monday, January 7, 2008

Man Eats Girlfriend

Christopher Lee McCurin called the emergency services operator that he killed his girlfriend and cooked parts of her body is facing a murder charge, authorities said. Yes, you are reading right he tried to cook his girlfriend. He was in solitary confinement at a jail on a $2 million (¤1.36 million) bond Sunday night and did not have an attorney, officials said

Source: weird

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I am cold

Now who would put this poor kitty cat out there in the cold and he is half nekkid.

Poor kitty.

I Feel so Blue

By now many of you might have heard of 57 year old Paul Kerason. He was the gentleman who was using a cough syrup with the substance, collodial silver for about 14 years. He made it from extracting silver from metal, put it into water with and electrical current and drank it.

His body reacted by turning him from a fair skin freckled man into a blue skinned man. His girlfriend, Jackie Northup says she was surprised at first, but is now used to it.


Mom, My Toes Are Cold

Okay, either take off your shoes or leave them on.

Friday, January 4, 2008

.,Strange Buddies

Is that a rat? Whatever it is, it isn't hungry, because if it was it would realize that food is close at hand.

Flying Gurnards

The Flying Gurnard is a fish that can also fly. They are often observed walking slowly on the ocean floor on their fins. They usually can be seen in shallow water, this is often by the shore. They have these huge pectoral fins. When they feel they are attacked, they spread these fins and move rapidly through the water almost sometimes at flying speeds.

It occurs from East Africa to Polynesia. In Australia it is recorded around the northern half of the country from the central coast of Western Australia to southern New South Wales.

Fangtooth Fish

The Fangtooth Fish is said to be also called the "ogrefish." The head is large with a huge maw and appears haggard, riddled with mucus cavities delineated by serrated edges and covered by a thin skin. The eyes are relatively small, set high on the head; the entire body is a dark brown to black and is strongly compressed laterally, deep anteriorly and progressively more slender towards the tail. The fins are small, simple, and spineless; the scales are embedded in the skin and take the form of thin plates.

A scary specimen indeed.

Source: Wikipedia