Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Blaine Finishes Upside Down Stunt

What was played up in the media as the "Stunt of the Century" was rather a let down for the Central Park crowd in New York City.

Blaine celebrated completion of the wire act Wednesday night by diving from a platform 44 feet to the ground while attached to a harness. A two-hour ABC television special called "David Blaine: Dive of Death" also showed footage of him catching a .22-calibre bullet fired from a rifle into a metal cup in his mouth.

I didn't watch the special. This was the "lamest" stunt ever. I actually turned off the television after that. It was so sensationlist. (an such let down). ABC doesn't need to pull bad television like this. That is what Fox network is for.

Teen Impaled by Deer Antlers

Todd Reynolds, 16 fell and impaled himself on deer antlers. His grandmother, said he was climbing through a window (at her house) after he had locked himself out and he fell on the antlers More..

Paramedics responded to a call that the antler had sank "two or three inches" into the teenager's back.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

True Pictues and Stories

At first I did not believe these were real pictures. However, I found out they were true. Makes me really say there are some crazy things in this world.

This is Larry Earley who shot this picture of a log boar hog which he found on his property August 27th, 2004. here

This is true. A farmer from Zensuji in Kagawa, Japan came up with the idea of making a cube shaped watermelon which could be easily packed and stored.

Source: bbc news