Saturday, March 29, 2008

Missing Pastor Found at Strip Club

Well we have found Pastor Craig Rhodenizer. It seems the good pastor who was reported missing recently from New York City, was found at an Ohio Strip club. He is the pastor of a church in Lyndonville, N.Y.

A police officer patrolling the K.C. Lounge parking lot Friday morning in the Dayton suburb of Riverside spotted out-of-state license plates on his car. He told his wife he would be right back last Wednesday and was just going to best buy. Wow, maybe he had to pickup the item in Ohio.

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Anonymous said...

This still makes me sick. This man is still in charge of leading his "flock" down the garden path to righteousness at this Lyndonville church.

I had to appear at this church for a funeral recently, and could hardly deal with listening to the lies this man preached from his pulpit. Sickening, he is still there as of this month, March 2011.

Even worse, a clearly blinded and brainwashed family member spoke to me about him the day we lost that family member, "He is our Sheppard and we are his flock!" I had to bite down hard on my tongue to keep from saying what was on my mind.

We were in grief at my family members home only hours after the passing of our family member, and he barged in, uninvited... not once, not twice, but three times that day of our family's loss. I could barely stand it. I nearly passed out from anger over his hypocritical words.

Instead of talking about an uplifting subject during the funeral service, (OF WHICH we requested he not give any sermon because we had no interest in hearing his words) all he could talk about was Mary Magdalene. I was appalled... how dare he...

And what you say about him being aggressive..... he is completely bossy to his flock... he even tried to ORDER me around this day. I was about ready to punch him in his lying scumbag mouth, but I thought better of it, being my saddened family was in the next room.